One-on-One Relationship Coaching Consultation
Special Offer - Join me on a 45min call that is all about you and your relationship!
(US$100 $25 - Limited Time Offer Only)


to support women during the covid-19 crisis

US$25 (normally US$100)

This is for you if you're feeling frustrated... unappreciated... disconnected... and you don't know where to start to improve your meaningful relationship.

A 45min one-on-one call with me to help you get more clarity and share some tools so you can feel happier and more connected in your relationship.
One-on-One Consultation
I invite you to join me in a private relationship coaching call that is all about you and your relationship. In this call, we will discuss your current reality and work towards resetting your intentions to grow a healthier and more loving relationship that truly makes you happy.

(US$100 $25 - Limited Time Offer Only)
Discover My Approach
I will share how I overcame my destructive relationships with some simple tools that helped me heal and develop healthy, loving and connected relationships, so you can too!
Diane J. Artemis - Certified Life Coach
(US$100 $25 - Limited Time Offer Only)
Relationships can feel very challenging at the best of times... so in these strange circumstances where we find ourselves in isolation, our relationships are being tested more than ever. 

We all need support to help us navigate this very complex situation.That is why I decided to put together a special offer for the ladies that are part of my community...

I generally charge US$100 for a One-on-One Consultation
This month, you can book a call with me for US$25 only 
(that's 75% discount!!)

In this consult we are going to look at your current reality, and identify, together, your goals and the tools available to you so you can live a fulfilling and connected relationship. 
One-on-One Consultation
The objectives of this call include...
This call is all about you...

Share your current reality and learn about healthy and fulfilling relationships so you can find emotional freedom.
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